New publication: „Securitising Sustainability? Questioning the ‚Water, Energy and Food-Security Nexus'“

Together with my colleague Matthias Leese, I published a paper in the latest Water Alternative Special Issue on Critical Thinking on the ‘New Security Convergence’ in Energy, Food, Climate and Water: Is the Nexus Secure … and for Whom? (Guest editors: Jeremy Allouche, Carl Middleton, Dipak Gyawali).

As Matthias puts it nicely: „Simon and I take a shot at the green economy – and it’s open access!“

Here, you find the abstract:

The water, energy and food-security nexus approach put forward by the Bonn2011 Conference highlights the need for an integrative approach towards issues of water, energy and food, and puts them under a general framework of security. While acknowledging the need for urgent solutions in terms of sustainability, the nexus approach, at the same time, makes a normative claim to tackle the needs of the poorest parts of the world population. A closer look at the underlying rationales and proposed policy instruments, however, suggests that the primary scope of the conference proceedings is not a normative one, but one that reframes the conflict between distributional justice and the needs of the world economy under the paradigm of security. Reading this slightly shifted perspective through a Foucauldian lens, we propose that security is now put forward as the key mechanism to foster a new ‚green‘ economy, and that the needs of the poorest are, if anything at all, a secondary effect of the proposed nexus approach.

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