Meeting friends and colleagues from SVT Bergen

From 15-19 March 2015, our friends and colleagues of the Centre for the Study of the Sciences and the Humanities (Senter for vitenskapsteori, SVT)  in Bergen went into retreat at Tuebingen in order to discuss the centre’s institutional strategies – and to get inspired by the city of Hegel, Schelling and Hölderlin and the birthplace of the Positivismusstreit on values in social sciences in 1961.




During this retreat, members of the SVT and IZEW met to present and discuss their respective projects. It became apparent that both centers deal with similar social and ethical challenges (digitalization, data protection, climate change, sustainable development, environmental pollution, personalized medicine) and the role of science in addressing them. The general feeling was shared that more collaborations and joint meetings should be aimed for.


Of the Junior Research Group, Simon, Johannes, Marcus and Leonie participated. Simon spoke on the planetary boundary on water. He discussed normative challenges involved in the concept with regard to techno-science, post-democracy, the integration of humanities in climate sciences and the deficit model – as well as to 42, the answer to life the universe and everything. Yet, he stressed the need to deal with the many injustices related to water worldwide.

P3170165Informal discussions continued during a joint dinner at the restaurant Kelter and over a glas of whisky in Hegel’s favorite bar Boulanger.


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