Recently published: Bossert (2015) – Wildtierethik

The Group is proud to announce a new publication in our book series Ethics of Sustainability Research. The work of Leonie is considering ethical questions in regard to wild animals and therefore opens a new and interesting field of research in modern animal ethics.

Leonie Bossert: Wildtierethik (“wildlife ethics”) (2015) (link)


The contemporary animal ethics has primarily emerged as a reaction to human dealing with so-called livestock animals. In the following certain questions were neglected: What role can the moral considerability of nonhuman animals in general play for dealing with wildlife? Should the dealing with wild animals necessarily be the same as with domestic animals? Could possible unequal treatments be justified or do they represent an arbitrary act? In recent times, these issues have been more and more included in the debates of animal ethics. Therefore, exploring these questions with regard to wildlife is the main interest of this publication. It is examined how classical theories of contemporary animal ethics can be applied to issues of a wildlife ethics. A special focus is on the context-sensitive approach by Clare Palmer and its implications for wildlife and so-called synanthropic species. In the following the results of the theoretical part are applied to the field of the so-called “invasive species”.

book info

Leonie Bossert
(“wildlife ethics”)
Verpflichtungen gegenüber wildlebenden Tieren
(trans.: “Obligations towards wildlife animals”)
Series: Ethics of Sustainability Research as Second Issue 2
157 pages; 29,00 EUR
language: german
ISBN 978-3-8487-1693-7
(Nomos Verlag, spring 2015)
content as pdf

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