New Publication on Education to the Love of Peace

FriedensliebeSimon Meisch, Uli Jäger and Thomas Nielebock published an edited volume on the love of peace.

The constitution of the state of Baden-Württemberg mentions ‘love of peace’ as an educational goal. What are the opportunities and limits of this ambitious goal? This volume looks at the normative foundations of ‘love of peace’ from a philosophical, political science and legal perspective. History-oriented contributions show the extent to which it is a civilizational achievement to regard ‘love of peace’ (and not ‘love of war’) as an educational goal. Its implementation within the current education system and its related challenges are the subject of contributions based on the theory and practice of pedagogy. Finally, it is necessary to identify the opportunities it offers and its requirements in order to promote ‘love of peace’ in education. The answers provided by this volume offer fundamental insights into peace education that go beyond the context of Baden-Württemberg alone.

The book documents a lecture series in the Studium Generale of the University of Tübingen (winter term 2017/18).

With contributions by
Prof. Dr. Karin Amos, Prof. Dr. Franziska Bertschy, Prof. Dr. Hanne-Margret Birckenbach, Larissa Berner, Jule Bode, Kaya Diehl, Fabian Fleischer, Prof. Dr. Norbert Frieters-Reermann, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Herrmann, Prof. Dr. Dr. Otfried Höffe, Prof. Uli Jäger, Fabian Krämer, Prof. Dr. Christine David Künzli, Dr. Simon Meisch, Dr. Uta Müller, Dr. Thomas Nielebock, Eberhard Stilz, David Storz, Prof. Dr. Rainer Treptow, Jannik Weich, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Wertheimer, Prof. Dr. Wolfram Wette.

So far, the volume has been generally well received, c.f. the review by Jos Schnurer or Ulrike Pfeil.

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