Johannes Lundershausen, M. Sc.

Bild - Johannes LundershausenI joint the research group ‘Ethics of Science in the Research for Sustainable Development‘ in October 2013 where I have been working on the question, which ways of thinking and acting upon global environmental  change the concept of the Anthropocene represents and enables. Particularly, I am interested in the multiple and ambiguous meanings of the concept and their impact on the broader sustainability discourse.

This interest is also reflected in my postgraduate degree in environmental politics and sociology from University College London as well as my past work experience. As such, I have worked at the ‘International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change’ at the United Nations University in Bonn as well in the research group ‘Science Policy’ at the Social Science Research Centre Berlin. In addition to issues concerning the production and use of knowledge, I am familiar with issues surrounding the topic of climate change adaptation in the Global South – particularly in India and Tanzania.


Postgraduate dissertation: “Adapting to Change or Changing Adaptation – A Conceptual Evaluation and Critical Discourse Analysis of Climate Change Adaptation in Tanzania”

Undergraduate dissertation: “Challenging Rationalism in Global Environmental Governance – An Ontological Re-orientation towards Nature”


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